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Girls Groming Club

  • Do you have a girl child at home?
  • Do you love to see her soaring high?
  • Do you love to see her live her purpose?
  • Do you love to see her touch lives even when she is not speaking?
  • Do you want to be a good steward?

  • Being a mother/guardian to a girl child does not qualify you to be the sole advisor, mentor, or teacher to that child. Give her the opportunity to acquire knowledge from other people who possess the expertise that you may not have. You were equipped to support and guide them, helping them identify those who can assist them in becoming the individuals they are meant to be. Bring her to us, and together we can help her become a total woman.

    Life Coaching on Self Discovery and Purpose

  • Do you struggle to identify who you really
  • Do you find it hard to identify your purpose in life?
  • Do you find it difficult to determine what type of career or business you can pursue?
  • Do you desire to live a fulfilling life?
  • Is fear stopping you from starting anything?

  • The truth of the matter is that God has created you for greatness in a specific area where you can fearlessly serve. If you still find yourself struggling to identify it and facing various barriers, then find your way to us. Together, we can help you reach the place you desire to be.

    Special ethical issues on issues of life
    Therapy and Counselling


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