About me


Life Issues with FGK is a brain child of Mrs Fortunate Kufakunesu, who is a mother of four children and is married to a Pastor. She is a graduate in the teaching field, a counsellor by profession and is also a holder of a degree in Theology. She enjoys grooming people, teaching and counselling those with issues in life. She always say, “Problems will always be there and it is how you handle them that makes it better or worse. People are often quick to react to situations and in doing that they only escalate even trivial issues into disasters. If handled well, there is no problem that can last forever. There is no life issue that cannot be solved and there is no state in life that will be hard to accept.”


Life is a gift from God and it is beautiful; but in all its beauty we cannot ignore the reality that pain has marinated this most beautiful gift called LIFE. Pain is concealed within our daily endeavours as we walk through each day, one event leading to the other and knowing or without knowing we are faced with issues and circumstances that need serious attention. These are Life Issues.

We all at one time came across issues that are heart-rending, emotionally draining and traumatic. Everyone alive has life issues to deal with. Merriam Webster defines life as the period from birth to death whilst the Collins dictionary defines it as the quality which people, animals, and plants have when they are not dead, and which objects and substances do not have but here we are going to talk about life as the flow of events and happenings taking place around us as we interact with what surrounds us in the society.

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